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Anti-Mullerian Hormone Testing Blog

When managing infertility, it is most important for patients to discover which treatments will deliver the best results in helping them to become pregnant. While there are many tests available to help women determine which treatments may work best for their specific need, Anti-Mullerian Hormone Testing is an excellent option for all couples and single intended parents who are interested in IVF or intrauterine insemination. Park Avenue Fertility is pleased to offer this test free of charge to patients and non-patients alike.

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Utilizing Support Groups During Fertility Treatments

It’s not uncommon that many patients who are experiencing infertility feel alone in their journey to get pregnant. However, for many couples support groups offer a chance to receive answers to questions, manage stresses, and share the emotions you may feel while undergoing treatment. At Park Avenue Fertility, we believe that the emotions you may feel do not have to detract from the experience of treating infertility and the hope you can feel for a success. Support groups can be national group like, a strong group of friends, or an online forum.

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