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What is Infertility? How Can Infertility be Treated?

Whether people are becoming more vocal about infertility or because many of us have witnessed friends, family, or our self struggle with it, infertility seems to be more common than ever. A statistic from Mayo Clinic found that a substantial 10-15% of couples who are trying to conceive experienced infertility.

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Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

The debate about egg freezing has been around for a while now, but the recent announcement from Facebook and Apple has put the discussion for egg freezing back on the proverbial “table”. A women may choose to freeze her eggs for a number of reasons; illness, job constraints, lack of a partner, and many other personal causes contribute to a women waiting until later in life to start the process of having a child. Thankfully, these days technology provides women with many options for preserving their fertility until they feel ready to take those steps.

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