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Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

The debate about egg freezing has been around for a while now, but the recent announcement from Facebook and Apple has put the discussion for egg freezing back on the proverbial “table”. A women may choose to freeze her eggs for a number of reasons; illness, job constraints, lack of a partner, and many other personal causes contribute to a women waiting until later in life to start the process of having a child. Thankfully, these days technology provides women with many options for preserving their fertility until they feel ready to take those steps.

Who is a candidate for egg freezing?
Generally, most women are candidates for egg freezing. Dr. Andrew Levi can help you determine what fertility preservation option is best for you during a consultation. However, there are a few factors that can improve your candidacy and provide additional purpose for egg freezing.

  • Women who plan to wait 10 years to have a child. Career demands, lack of a partner, or education are just a few of many reasons why many women consider delaying their families. If you know you want to have children eventually, egg freezing can potentially secure that ability for when the timing is right for you.
  • Women who are vulnerable to certain medical conditions. If you know your family has a history of hereditary conditions like premature ovarian failure, or if you will have to take medication for conditions like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis (which can harm ovarian function), egg freezing can allow you to protect and save your healthy eggs until you are ready to move forward with your family planning.
  • Women under 35. Because egg quality drops after the age of 35, women are encouraged to consider having their eggs frozen earlier than later, to improve fertility outcomes.

Is egg freezing safe?
According to a study done by the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, embryos using frozen eggs had the same pregnancy success rates as embryos created with fresh eggs during in vitro fertilization. Of the frozen eggs, about 75% successfully survive thawing. Currently there is no evidence that frozen eggs increase the risk of birth defects.

Because egg retrieval requires the use of injectable medications, there is a risk that your ovaries may become over-stimulated and feel swollen or painful before and after egg retrieval. Careful monitoring can help prevent excessive swelling.

Egg Freezing in Connecticut
Egg freezing can be an amazing option for extending fertility. If you are not ready to begin your family, Park Avenue Fertility has the most advanced technology to help you discover which options will best preserve your eggs for later use. Our Connecticut fertility center is focused on delivering the best, most personal one-on-one care to our patients. We’re committed to your success and take personal pride in our ability to help our patients achieve their dreams of parenthood. To discuss your egg freezing options with Dr. Levi please call our Fairfield, Norwalk, or Trumbull fertility centers at 855-901-BABY (2229).