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Personalized Fertility Care

One doctor, one patient at a time – personalized fertility care is how we run our practice

You’ve decided that you want a team to be with you on your fertility journey who will find answers to the unknown and help you with a plan to pregnancy. You’ve decided it’s time to go to a fertility specialist in Connecticut, but how do you choose which one?

There are a number of factors to consider, like success rates, location, and reputation when you are selecting a fertility doctor.

You can read more about IVF success rates for Connecticut fertility clinics here. Often, however, the most important thing is your comfort level with the team you choose.

Sometimes patients that come to us after visiting large fertility centers tell us they “felt like a number” or that the other office “felt more like a factory.” They say the difference at our office is like night and day.  From our receptionist who greets you with a smile to our nursing staff who returns your calls promptly, we make patient satisfaction a priority.

And, since Dr. Andrew Levi is the only physician at Park Avenue Fertility, you will feel comfortable knowing your care will be directed by one person. You never have to worry that you’ll see someone you’ve never met at an appointment – Dr. Levi is your fertility specialist from beginning to end.

A dedicated doctor directs your care

Having a dedicated doctor directing your care means that you can rest assured that nothing will fall between the cracks like it may when you are shuffled from doctor to doctor in a large clinic. At our Connecticut fertility clinic, your care is personalized and attentive to your particular needs and pace, so all your questions are answered and the options you have are clear and pursued. At Park Avenue Fertility, we’re focused on creating a positive patient experience and, ultimately, better results.

Insurance coverage for fertility care can be complicated, but our billing department works diligently to be sure you will never be confused or surprised by your coverage or cost.  They check coverage for every patient before the first visit, and they are always available to answer your insurance questions.

At Park Avenue Fertility, we know our patients by name and we strive to make your experience here the best that it can be.  If this sounds like the place for you, request an appointment here.