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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Supporting patients facing recurrent pregnancy loss

Our Connecticut fertility center cares for patients as people first, and Dr. Andrew Levi is particularly sensitive to women who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss, also called recurrent miscarriage. We are uniquely positioned as a single-physician fertility care practice to offer personalized care.

Dr. Levi understands that recurrent miscarriage is not often discussed, but about 5% of women will experience two or more pregnancy losses in their lifetime. Feelings of grief, loneliness and isolation can emerge because often miscarriages happen in the first trimester, before the news of pregnancy is shared with supportive family members. We recognize that summoning the courage to share your story with our medical staff is important and brave. As a healthcare team, we are ready to care for you, not only physically, but with emotional support.

Compassion guides customized treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss

Unfortunately, miscarriage is all too common. For pregnancies confirmed by a pregnancy test or ultrasound, about 10% to 20% end in miscarriage, with most (80%) happening in the first trimester. Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as two or more consecutive miscarriages. Our Connecticut fertility center feels it’s important to remind patients that most often, the cause of miscarriage is out of their control.

There can be many reasons that women experience recurrent miscarriage.

  • Anatomical issues – Malformations can occur in the uterus. Sometimes, bands of live tissue or scar tissue are problematic in the uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes.
  • Chromosome abnormalities – These may include missing or extra chromosomes, or balanced translocations in which chromosomes are misplaced.
  • Blood clotting and immunological issues
  • Endocrine disorders, including thyroid disease or diabetes
  • Unknown causes

Supporting patients from testing to treatment of recurrent miscarriage

Dr. Levi, an experienced reproductive endocrinologist, offers thorough testing to navigate a diagnosis of recurrent pregnancy loss and help patients realize their family-building dreams. While one miscarriage certainly merits a conversation with your doctor, after two miscarriages, a thorough physical exam and testing are recommended.

Our Connecticut fertility center employs advanced testing and technology to determine the cause of repeat miscarriage.

  • Genetic screening can reveal chromosomal abnormalities in either partner.
  • Diagnostic tools can include ultrasound or hysteroscopy (using a lighted tube to examine your cervix and uterus).
  • Biopsy of uterine lining
  • Blood tests

Each patient’s story is different, and based on test results, our Connecticut fertility center team works to create a personalized care plan. This can include medication, surgical options or preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to identify chromosomally normal embryos resulting from IVF.

Hope is harbored here

Recurrent miscarriage does not define patients at our Connecticut fertility center, as many of our patients facing this diagnosis become parents. As a single-physician fertility practice, we are specially equipped to treat your physical and emotional needs. You receive expert care and will not have to constantly relive your fertility journey by having to explain it to different providers. Contact us to learn how we meld comprehensive, compassionate care for women facing recurrent pregnancy loss.