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Unexplained Infertility

There are many effective treatments for unexplained infertility

Patients often feel discouraged when they receive a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. However, our Connecticut fertility center provides hope. Andrew Levi MD helps these patients get the treatment they need to welcome a healthy baby.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 5% to 10% of couples trying to conceive have no apparent cause for their fertility challenges. While it can be frustrating to not have a definitive reason for infertility, the treatments Dr. Levi recommends frequently help patients bypass fertility challenges of all kinds.

Diagnosing unexplained infertility

Before making this diagnosis, Dr. Levi may recommend a variety of tests. These tests can help determine whether there is a known cause for the fertility issues.

  • The doctor uses an ultrasound to assess the health of a woman’s uterus and ovaries.
  • Bloodwork can provide information about fertility hormones in both women and men.
  • A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a procedure that helps Dr. Levi assess the condition of a woman’s fallopian tubes and uterus.
  • Our practice uses FemVue to perform sono-hysterosalpingograms (SHG) to assess the fallopian tubes for blockages.
  • Semen analysis allows Dr. Levi to evaluate the quality and quantity of a man’s sperm.

If the results of these tests are normal, the diagnosis will likely be unexplained infertility.

Treatments that can make parenthood possible

After reviewing the tests at our Connecticut fertility center, Dr. Levi will recommend one of the following fertility treatments.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI). Also known as artificial insemination, this treatment involves using a catheter to insert sperm into the patient’s uterus around the time of ovulation.

IUI and clomiphene citrate. Another option consists of the woman taking clomiphene citrate (Clomid) and then undergoing an IUI.

IUI and gonadotropins. Doctors sometimes recommend gonadotropin injections, as they typically cause multiple eggs to develop. After the eggs grow to the ideal size, the woman takes medication to cause the eggs to release. She then receives an IUI a day or two later.

In vitro fertilization (IVF). As one of the most effective fertility treatments, IVF involves the woman taking ovulation induction medications while receiving regular ultrasounds and bloodwork at our clinic. When enough eggs are mature, she undergoes an egg retrieval procedure. An embryologist fertilizes the eggs with the sperm of her partner or a donor, and then Dr. Levi transfers a resulting embryo to the patient’s uterus.

Often, these treatments help patients overcome unexplained infertility and welcome a baby. Contact our Connecticut fertility center to learn more about our fertility services.