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Donor Services

The gift of donor services is life changing

Sometimes a little outside assistance is needed to realize your family-building dreams. Our Connecticut fertility center is experienced in connecting intended parents with our comprehensive donor services. Thanks to third-party reproduction, it’s possible to overcome fertility challenges through the help of donor eggs or sperm.

Donor services provide options to many

There are several reasons patients consider third-party reproduction. Dr. Andrew Levi truly understands every patient at our Connecticut fertility center, and takes into account their individual goals and timetables. Based on individual needs, he may offer the following donor services, or forms of third-party reproduction.

  • Donor eggs – For couples who face fertility issues with a woman’s eggs, or for same-sex male couples or single men, donor eggs can provide a pathway to parenthood. This can include women with diminished egg quality or quantity, or those who have been unsuccessful with other fertility treatments. Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine offers an in-house egg donation program featuring healthy, diverse and prescreened donors. Once a donor is selected, her eggs will be retrieved and fertilized through IVF with a partner’s sperm or the use of a sperm donor. The intended mother can receive an embryo transfer to her uterus and carry the pregnancy, or a gestational carrier is an option if needed.
  • Donor sperm – For single female intended mothers, same-sex female couples or men facing male factor infertility, a sperm donor can make parenthood possible. The donor is carefully screened through a sperm bank, or can be a known donor. Once donor sperm are secured, they will be used with a cycle of intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF.
  • Gestational carrier – In some cases, the help of a gestational carrier is needed. While not a donor service, this is a form of third-party reproduction. A gestational carrier is a woman who agrees to carry a baby in pregnancy for an individual or couple. This would apply to same-sex male couples and women unable to carry a pregnancy. The gestational carrier is carefully selected to receive an embryo transfer into her uterus, but she does not contribute genetic material. The egg and sperm come from intended parents or donors.

We empower third-party reproduction decision-making

Deciding to use donor services when starting a family is one of the most important choices an individual or couple can face. Dr. Andrew Levi looks at patients as people first, not simply through the lens of a diagnosis. Our Connecticut fertility center will listen to your concerns, answer any questions, and provide support when navigating complexities. Contact us for information about how we can support your journey toward parenthood.