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Anti-Mullerian Hormone Testing

Anti-Mullerian, or AMH testing is a first step in understanding your fertility potential

When managing infertility, it is most important for patients to discover which treatments will deliver the best results in helping them to become pregnant. While there are many tests available to help women determine which treatments may work best for their specific need, anti-Mullerian hormone testing is an excellent option for all couples and single women who are interested in understanding their fertility potential. Park Avenue Fertility is pleased to offer this test free of charge to patients and non-patients alike.

What is anti-Mullerian hormone testing?

The anti-Mullerian hormone or AMH is produced by the cells in a women’s ovarian follicles that surround her eggs. Studies suggest that greater levels of AMH may mean that a women has more eggs in her ovaries. Through a simple blood test Dr. Levi can estimate egg quantity. Birth control and a women’s menstrual cycle do not effect test results, so a woman can take this test at any time of her cycle.

How AMH testing can help

Dr. Levi will review your test results and personally call each patient within seven to ten days to discuss their results. The benefit of utilizing the free anti-Mullerian hormone test is that Dr. Levi can use the results to determine which forms of treatment may be most efficient in helping you achieve your desire to have a child. While AMH testing does not provide insight into egg quality, research has shown that women with higher levels of AMH are able to have more eggs retrieved during In vitro fertilization treatments. This can greatly improve a women’s ability to become pregnant.

At Park Avenue Fertility our focus is to help patients succeed in their desire to have a child. We work with patients on a one-to-one basis; one patient, one doctor, for a more personal experience. If you are interested in having the anti-Mullerian hormone test, please contact our Fairfield, CT office at 203-254-6000 or our Trumbull, CT fertility office at 203-372-6700 to set up an appointment.