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Treatment Options for Same Sex Female Couples

We provide effective treatment options for same sex female couples

The Connecticut fertility doctor at our clinic offers treatment options for same sex female couples that help them welcome new babies into their families. Before creating a treatment plan, the doctor works with the couple to assess their fertility health and determine who will provide the eggs, and who will carry the pregnancy. This process helps to ensure the couple has the best possible chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Same sex female couples undergo fertility evaluations that provide helpful information

Treatment options for same sex female couples begin with our Connecticut fertility doctor reviewing each patient’s medical history. After review, the doctor will suggest various evaluations that provide insight into the status of each patient’s ovarian reserve and uterus.

Transvaginal ultrasound. Ultrasound allows the doctor to evaluate the shape and size of the patient’s uterus and determine if she has any uterine abnormalities. This evaluation also supports the doctor in assessing the patient’s ovarian reserve. The results from this fertility test often help determine which partner will carry the pregnancy.

Bloodwork. Patients receive a blood test that allows the doctor to assess the patient’s reproductive hormone levels. These hormone levels provide helpful information about the patient’s fertility health and can support the couple in deciding which partner will provide the eggs.

Genetic carrier screening. Carrier screening is a comprehensive test specialists use to determine if the patient is a carrier for various inheritable genetic conditions. If a patient is a carrier of certain conditions, she might choose to have her partner provide the eggs.

Carrier screening can also help the couple decide whether to use PGT-A, preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy, or PGT-M, preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic/single gene defects. These tests are performed on embryos to pinpoint any potential genetic issues that could prevent a successful pregnancy or cause health issues in a child.

In some cases, patients require more extensive evaluations, such as laparoscopy or HSG, a hysterosalpingogram.

Common treatment options for same-sex female couples that help them build a family

After reviewing results from the patients’ evaluations, the Connecticut fertility doctor at our clinic helps the couple develop a treatment plan. An important aspect of this plan is the selection of a sperm donor, who provides the sperm used during the selected fertility treatment.

IUI, or intrauterine insemination, with donor sperm. Among the treatment options for same sex female couples, IUI is a good option for those who have one partner with a healthy uterus and ovarian reserve. In this treatment, the doctor uses a catheter to inject donor sperm into the patient’s uterus when she’s ovulating.

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, with donor sperm. Typically, IVF is the best option when both women in the couple have certain ovarian issues, or one partner wants to provide the eggs, while the other wants to carry the pregnancy.

In IVF, the woman providing the eggs takes ovulation induction medication. When her eggs reach an ideal size, the doctor retrieves them and sends them to the IVF lab, where an embryologist fertilizes them with donor sperm. Next, the doctor transfers one of the resulting embryos into the uterus of one of the female patients.

IVF with donor sperm and eggs. If both patients have significant ovarian reserve challenges, they can choose to use donor eggs.

Our clinic is by the couple’s side for each step of this exciting process, helping to ensure they have the best possible chance of welcoming a child into their family.

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