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Donor Eggs

Donor eggs help women with fertility challenges, same-sex male couples and single men

Donor eggs support a range of patients at our Connecticut fertility clinic in overcoming barriers to parenthood. For female patients, egg donation can help them move past issues related to their ovarian reserve (egg supply). As for same-sex male couples and single men utilizing a gestational surrogate, egg donation is an essential part of their journey to fatherhood.

Why women might need donor eggs to become mothers

While the reason men need eggs from a donor is straightforward, some women require eggs from a donor for a variety of reasons. These reasons can sometimes rule out the option of relying on fertility treatments that can allow a woman to use her own eggs.

  • Premature ovarian failure, or premature menopause
  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Poor response to ovulation medications
  • History of repeated miscarriages or IVF failures
  • Absence of ovaries, due to a birth defect, injury or illness

If a woman working with our Connecticut fertility clinic finds that donor eggs are the most-effective next step on her path to parenthood, we can help. In most cases, we will match her with a high-quality donor. However, in some cases, a patient may decide to use a directed donor, which is someone she knows.

What happens after deciding to use an egg donor

When patients choose to move forward with egg donation, we can match them with an anonymous egg donor for a fresh egg donation cycle. Our in-house egg donor program includes highly qualified donors who are ready to donate their eggs to help our patients start or grow their families. The process of conceiving with donor eggs follows certain steps.

Complete the donor preference form. The patient will complete a donor preference form and return it to our Connecticut fertility clinic. Our donor coordinator will then review this form to determine what characteristics the patient would like to see in their donor.

Make a donor selection and begin the screening process. The donor coordinator will select a donor that could be a good match for the patient. If the patient accepts the donor, after reviewing the donor’s anonymous profile, we will start the screening process.

Start the egg donation cycle. If all goes well with the screening process, our team will coordinate the egg donation cycle and then retrieve the donor’s eggs. Our embryologists will fertilize these eggs in the IVF lab before we perform an embryo transfer.

The experienced egg donation experts at our clinic work closely with patients to make this process as smooth as possible. Contact us to learn more about our fertility services.