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Egg Retrieval

Knowledge is power, so find out what happens during an egg retrieval procedure

Andrew Levi MD supports women who have egg retrieval procedures at our Connecticut fertility clinic. Patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) or egg freezing, as well as egg donors, will undergo this procedure. The knowledgeable staff at our clinic ensures that women feel comfortable throughout this exciting phase of fertility treatment.

A step-by-step guide to the egg retrieval procedure

During IVF, egg freezing or egg donation, the woman gives herself ovulation induction medications to cause multiple eggs to mature at once. When the eggs reach an ideal size, the woman schedules the retrieval at our Connecticut fertility clinic. Dr. Levi will then perform the procedure, which involves just a few steps.

Trigger shot. To cause the final maturation of the eggs and prepare them for retrieval, the woman gives herself a trigger shot, which is typically Lupron or hCG.

Preparing for the procedure. About 33-34 hours after taking the trigger shot, the woman arrives at our clinic for the egg retrieval. We recommend that patients wear loose, comfortable clothing and arrive at the clinic about an hour before the retrieval.

Anesthesia. To ensure the woman feels no discomfort during the retrieval, an anesthesiologist administers IV sedation.

Retrieval. For the retrieval of eggs, Dr. Levi uses a small, hollow needle to extract the mature eggs from each ovary. This procedure doesn’t require incisions, as doctors can perform it transvaginally. The entire process takes 5-15 minutes typically.

What women can expect after the procedure

After the retrieval, Dr. Levi sends the eggs to the lab. There, an embryologist freezes them or fertilizes them with sperm from the woman’s partner or chosen sperm donor.

We advise women to rest after the egg retrieval procedure, but typically clear them to return to work the following day. Mild bloating, soreness and light spotting can occur after the retrieval. Typically, women only require over-the-counter pain medication to manage these issues.

Our Connecticut fertility clinic provides exceptional support during this exciting phase on the journey to parenthood. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.