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Preparing for Successful IVF Treatments

Dr. Levi and the Park Avenue Fertility Center team have a few suggestions when preparing for successful IVF treatments

How you feed your body in the months before and after fertility treatments greatly affects the way your body responds to procedures as well as the health of your developing baby. Many health professionals recommend moms-to-be to avoid processed foods, reduce or eliminate caffeine, eat mainly organic foods, and take supplements to ensure their body is nourished properly. If you have questions about nutrition, our office can refer you to some recommended wellness centers.

Physical Condition
Being physically healthy is helpful for more than just looking and feeling great before pregnancy. Your physical fitness level can regulate hormones (by being at a healthy weight), support a growing baby, and give you energy during hormone treatments. Alternatively, many doctors will recommend easing off intensive exercise schedules before and through your first trimester so as not to interfere with implantation. During your meeting with Dr. Levi you will have an opportunity to discuss exercise routines that fit your fertility needs.

Before beginning treatments it is important to address any illnesses like diabetes or heart disease, as pregnancy can aggravate the condition and unmanaged illnesses can cause problems during treatment. Additionally, ensuring you are free from STDs is essential before beginning treatment.

Try as we may to prevent it, stress is a natural reaction to life changes and most patients experience some level of stress while seeking treatment. Eating healthily and light exercises like yoga, which promotes deep breathing and gentle stretching, can relieve stress and keep your body relaxed.

Visualize Success
There’s something to be said for positive thinking! While other factors contribute mainly to your overall IVF success, visualizing a positive outcome can alleviate stress and keep you positive during treatment.

Preparing your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and during treatment is essential for optimizing your fertility treatments. During your appointment, Dr. Levi will clarify any questions you may have about preparing for your in vitro fertilization cycle. To learn more about other services like complete chromosome analysis for IVF or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) offered at Park Avenue Fertility, contact our Fairfield, Norwalk, or Trumbull, CT offices at 203-372-6700.