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Treating IVF Cycle Failure

Discover how we support patients by treating IVF cycle failure

Dr. Andrew Levi is an award-winning reproductive endocrinologist who runs our Connecticut fertility clinic. He helps patients fulfill their dream of parenthood by treating IVF cycle failure. Our clinic has high in vitro fertilization success rates. As such, we often help patients who had unsuccessful IVF cycles at another clinic.

The steps of treating IVF cycle failure

Treating IVF cycle failure typically consists of a variety of steps. Each one helps Dr. Levi determine what might have caused the initial cycle to fail. Using this information, Dr. Levi can then create a new treatment plan for the next round of in vitro fertilization.

Assess ovarian stimulation and the number of eggs. Dr. Levi will review the woman’s previous IVF protocol. He will also consider her body’s response to ovarian stimulation from the previous in vitro fertilization cycle. This information helps him determine whether he needs to modify the ovarian stimulation medications and dosages going forward.

Evaluate the quality of the resulting embryos. An additional aspect of treating IVF cycle failure is assessing the embryos from the cycle that did not result in a pregnancy. Dr. Levi might determine that it would be beneficial to have an embryologist perform preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) on future embryos.

Offer a high-quality lab. Lab quality plays a big role in the success of an in vitro fertilization cycle. Our Connecticut fertility clinic has an on-site lab with leading-edge technology and highly trained staff.

Analyze uterine health. While issues with the embryo are often the cause of a failed IVF cycle, the uterus can sometimes contribute to the problem. Because of this, Dr. Levi will determine how to make the uterus as receptive as possible to the embryo.

Our clinic team walks patients through each step of this process.

Receive exceptional support from our clinic

Patients who are ready to take the next step can benefit from the care that our Connecticut fertility clinic provides. Dr. Levi believes the patient-doctor connection is an essential part of patient success. As such, he works closely with women and men to create an effective and individualized treatment plan.

In the case of patients who have had an unsuccessful in vitro fertilization cycle, Dr. Levi takes care to evaluate the records from the previous cycle. He then determines how to increase the patient’s chances of having a cycle that results in a pregnancy and a baby

We understand that infertility can be stressful, so we provide compassionate support as you navigate the path to taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.