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The Basics of IVF

Many people know the basics of IVF, but it’s important to understand exactly how IVF works.

Our Connecticut fertility center team can explain what conditions IVF  treats, the process of IVF and typical IVF success rates before you decide to move forward.

Dr. Andrew Levi, founder of Connecticut reproductive center Park Avenue Fertility, personally meets with each patient to discuss personalized fertility treatments that are in-line with his patient’s needs and fertility goals. Before you visit our fertility centers, here are a few things that can help you understand more about in vitro fertilization treatments:

What can IVF treat?

IVF treatments can help treat patients who suffer with endometriosis, problems with ovulation, issues regarding the uterus or fallopian tubes, low sperm count, problems with antibodies harming the sperm or eggs. Additionally, IVF can assist in circumstances where sperm cannot penetrate an egg or survive the cervical mucus.

What steps are involved in IVF?

  • Pre-egg retrieval. During IVF female patients are given hormones to stimulate their ovaries into producing a larger quantity of mature eggs that can be retrieved and used during IVF. Typically, these hormones are administered through daily injections over the course of a few weeks. Using careful timing, the eggs are removed from follicles in the ovaries just before they would naturally exit the follicle. Dr. Levi will do blood tests and/or ultrasounds to control when the eggs are retrieved.
  • Egg retrieval. On the day of your procedure, you will be given pain medication, and will have the choice of being mildly or fully sedated. Using an ultrasound, Dr. Levi will locate the eggs and remove them from the follicles with a needle. This typically takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • Following the procedure, your partner’s sperm will be mixed with your eggs in our laboratory. Over the course of 3-5 days we will observe their growth and determine which embryos will continue to develop into viable pregnancies.
  • Embryo transfer. Once we have determined which embryos appear the most healthy, you will return for your final procedure. Depending on the quality of the embryos and your health, Dr. Levi will transfer one or more embryos directly into your uterus using a flexible tube called a catheter. Dr. Levi will determine how long you will need to rest after the procedure before returning home. We recommend that most patients follow a personalized routine of bedrest for 3-7 days after the transfer.
  • Follow up. About two weeks after the procedure Dr. Levi will perform a pregnancy test to see if the procedure has resulted in pregnancy.

IVF success rates depend upon the patient’s health, age, and cause of infertility, however, Park Avenue Fertility has some of the best IVF success rates in Connecticut.

IVF treatments are one of a few options to achieve a healthy, successful pregnancy. Our fertility center also offers Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and assistance for patients who choose to use a surrogate. To learn more about our office, contact us or call us at 855-901-BABY.