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Pregnancies After an Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis

One couple had two healthy babies after IUI and IVF for an unexplained infertility diagnosis

Breana and her husband Robert were eager to build a family. However, by 2017, they’d experienced the heartbreak of a pregnancy loss and were unable to conceive again naturally. When they eventually decided to seek support from Dr. Levi at our Connecticut fertility clinic, Breana was hesitant.

“I was in a bad place the first time we went to the clinic,” Breana said. “I really didn’t want to be someone who needed fertility treatment and didn’t want to be at the clinic. But I forced myself to go.”

Breana’s mind quickly changed when she met Dr. Levi. “Dr. Levi was amazing and so witty,” she said. “He made me feel really comfortable and like I was a human, not just a patient.”

Welcoming their first son into the world after IUI

After undergoing various fertility evaluations, Breana received an unexplained infertility diagnosis. During this time, Breana expressed to the nurses that she had an intense needle phobia and said, “They were so compassionate and patient with me. They helped me feel calm during blood draws, and I was completely over my fear of needles by the time I graduated from the clinic.”

After explaining potential treatment options for an unexplained infertility diagnosis, Dr. Levi recommended IUI, and Breana and Robert agreed. After the first two IUIs didn’t result in pregnancy, they tried one more time and conceived a healthy baby. Their firstborn son, Robert III, is now four and about to start preschool.

Breana and Robert were so encouraged by the birth of their son that they decided to try to conceive another child without fertility support. When Breana didn’t become pregnant, they returned to our Connecticut fertility center. However, the second time around Breana was much less hesitant to receive fertility care and said, “In addition to Dr. Levi, the staff at the clinic made me feel like family. They made a long, hard journey so much easier.”

Conceiving their second son after IVF and three embryo transfers

“Because my husband and I were older by the time we returned to try to have another baby, we decided to go straight to IVF,” Breana said.

After their first embryo transfer did not result in pregnancy, Breana had a second embryo transfer. This time she became pregnant. However, one weekend, soon after the second transfer, Breana suspected she was miscarrying. “I called Dr. Levi and told him what I thought was happening,” Breana said. “He was so calm and talked me through it.”

As they prepared for the third embryo transfer at our Connecticut fertility clinic, Breana remembers everyone being so hopeful that this time would be it. And they were right. Breana conceived her second healthy son, Pierce, who is now four months old.

Breana and her family recently came to visit the clinic and Breana said, “It was so special to introduce my boys to everyone who helped us build our family. I can’t thank them enough. They helped me through one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through.”

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One couple had two healthy babies after IUI and IVF for an unexplained infertility diagnosis
Photos by Jennifer Ferreira