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The Piechota’s Success Story

My husband and I were anxious to start a family and knew that our ages were a factor.

When you are going through IVF, there’s a lot to handle. In all honesty, it can seem overwhelming because of all the appointments, shots, and tests that you go through.

Thankfully, Dr. Levi is an amazing man who wants to help families of all types.

He and the team he has compiled are the most caring professionals I have ever met. Park Avenue Fertility is a small practice, but each patient is treated by Dr. Levi himself and not passed around like one would be at a large practice. I cannot say enough about Dr. Levi. My experience from start to finish was positive!

After working with Park Avenue Fertility, our dreams came true and we got the best reward for sticking with our treatments: taking home two amazing babies! For us, it was all worth it.

My husband and I we were always cracking jokes through both treatments and I appreciate how supportive and caring their entire team was. I will never forget the morning of our second transfer (I was 41 years old at the time). We already had one successful round that gave us our daughter, Jenna, and ultimately, that round was successful, too! From that transfer, we got our son Ryan.

Whether or not you think age is a factor, I believe Dr. Levi and his team can help find an option for you. I send friends there all the time!