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The Henningsen’s Success Story

Before finding Park Avenue Fertility, my partner and I were feeling a lot of frustration and sadness.

We’re were having issues conceiving. We knew that something was going on. We just didn’t know what. Why didn’t getting pregnant and having children come as easily as it seemed for some of our friends and family!?

When we finally decide to seek help, we were extremely eager to start the process.

We were hopeful that with the help of a great fertility doctor, we could find the root of the issue and, hopefully, grow our family.

Luckily, we found Dr. Levi and his team at Park Avenue Fertility. From the first appointment with Dr. Levi, we knew “he was the one.” He was caring, compassionate, and clear on the course of action to take. The entire staff at Park Avenue Fertility were exceptionally pleasant, warm, and welcoming.

It helped put us at ease, and made us much more confident that we could achieve our dream. We knew that we were working with a team who was there for us and had our best interests at heart. They know about the latest research, tests, and technology that can be used to help families like ours.

The journey wasn’t easy – over time, it started to feel like a roller coaster waiting for us to get the big news that we were waiting for. However the supportive, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable team led by Dr. Levi led us through it. After four years, we were blessed with the news that we were expecting!

Now, we have a healthy and happy child that we are so grateful for.

We’re so excited to watch our little one grow into a beautiful young lady thanks to Dr. Levi and the team.

Since our time with Dr. Levi, we’ve recommended many people we know to visit Park Avenue Fertility. I would wholeheartedly recommend Park Avenue Fertility to those who may be struggling with infertility – they’re the best!