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Personalized Care Makes a Difference

Personalized care sets the stage for success

When Skye DeMicco met Dr. Andrew Levi at Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Center in 2011, she knew the care at our Connecticut fertility center was special.

Skye initially landed at a university-based fertility center, but decided a smaller clinic might be a better fit. She and her husband Jim realized that Dr. Levi puts personalized care front and center. Dr. Levi’s thorough questioning and use of technology, such as advances in testing, were critical to success.

“I told Dr. Levi it was impressive how he dots his i’s and crosses his t’s, and he told me he also dots the j’s, because everyone forgets about the j’s,” Skye recalled. “He wanted to thoroughly understand me as a patient, but he also took time to know me as a person.”

Advances in testing make a difference

Accurate fertility testing is an important starting point for personalized care. As part of a complete fertility evaluation of Skye and Jim, Dr. Levi discovered male factor infertility. This meant a direct move to IVF, bypassing intrauterine insemination, to enhance the odds of success.

The couple persevered through multiple IVF cycles, with Dr. Levi providing regular “pep talks” emphasizing teamwork. To Skye’s amazement, Dr. Levi said he was prepared to sleep at the clinic in inclement winter weather to support her IVF cycle.

Skye’s faith in Dr. Levi was steadfast, and she was receptive to his suggestion of using cutting-edge technology to test for genetic disorders or abnormalities. At that time, the options were PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). This testing laid the groundwork for the birth of Skye’s three boys.

Our Connecticut fertility center continues to ensure patients have the best of technology. We are highly attuned to advances in testing, including preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). The combination of science and personalized care provides hope for those facing unexplained infertility.

Making miracles happen with personalized care

Skye is beyond grateful our Connecticut fertility center has played a role in the birth of each of her three sons. Our clinic is always front of mind because Park Avenue Fertility Center is the namesake of Parker, born in 2015. He is a big brother to Chatham, born in 2019, and August, born in 2022.

Skye gives back by regularly talking to women struggling with infertility. Her advice is to find personalized care, trust your doctor to understand your medical nuances, and don’t underestimate yourself.

“This process shapes you, and I found an inner strength I didn’t know I had,” Skye says. “To consider possibly not having children to now having three rambunctious boys, it’s nothing short of a miracle.”

Our Connecticut fertility center combines personalized care and advances in testing to deliver on dreams.