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Using an Egg Donor to Get Pregnant

Sometimes patients need to use an egg donor to achieve pregnancy. As a patient of Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, our team will work with you and your partner to determine if egg donation is necessary to proceed in your fertility journey. Testing for infertility includes bloodwork and ultrasound, as well as other diagnostic testing, to determine the best course of action. If you need an egg donor, Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine will guide you through the process.

Anonymous Egg Donors

An anonymous egg donor is the most common type of egg donor.  Park Avenue Fertility maintains an active Egg Donor program.  We have an egg donor coordinator, Tiffany Gibson, who, along with the other fertility team members, thoroughly evaluates donor candidates.  We follow all industry and regulatory standards to assure high quality egg donors.  The anonymous egg donation process allows you to choose the physical characteristics (eye/hair color, height, etc.) and the nationality and ethnicity of the donor.

Known Egg Donors

A known egg donor is just that, a friend or family member who wishes to donate eggs to you.  Known donors must meet the same standards as anonymous egg donors.  All egg donors, whether anonymous or known, are evaluated by counseling services to be sure the process is appropriate for all those involved.

What Happens After You Select a Donor?

Once you have decided on your egg donor, the fertility team at Park Avenue Fertility will harvest the donor eggs and then complete the fertilization process.  Depending on your situation, the embryo created from a donor egg can be transferred “fresh” or “frozen” (FET).  If a fresh cycle is chosen, the patient’s cycle is synced with the donor cycle, to assure the recipient is ready to receive the embryo.  In a frozen cycle, the embryo is frozen and then transferred into the patient at a later date, once she is ready to receive the embryo.  Of note, with the advancement of freezing technology, using frozen embryos achieves the same pregnancy rates as using fresh embryos for transfer.

For more information on reproductive medicine, donor eggs, how to become a donor, or any other information, we ask that you please contact us for support.