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When to See a Fertility Doctor

It’s important to know when to see a fertility doctor

Knowing when to see a fertility doctor is an important first step to make parenthood possible. Scheduling an appointment with a fertility doctor as soon as a patient suspects they have fertility health issues can minimize costs and maximize the chance of building a healthy family. It can also reduce stress and confusion.

Criteria for when to see a fertility doctor

Various circumstances indicate that a person should have a consultation with a fertility doctor. These situations suggest that someone might need the support of a fertility clinic to improve their fertility health and conceive.

Trying to conceive for over a year. ASRM, or the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, recommends that women see a fertility doctor if they’re under the age of 35 and have been trying to become pregnant for more than 12 months without success.

Women 35 and over. Women in this age group who have been trying to conceive for at least six months without developing a healthy pregnancy should see a fertility doctor.

Certain medical conditions. Medical issues like sexual dysfunction, irregular periods or pelvic disease can impact a woman’s fertility health. Diagnoses like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can as well. As a result, women experiencing these issues should visit a specialist.

Egg freezing candidates. Egg freezing is ideal for women at risk for premature ovarian failure and those needing to begin cancer treatments. We will also sometimes work with women in their 20s or early-30s who would like to preserve their fertility.

Women in these groups can benefit from visiting the compassionate and knowledgeable doctor at our Connecticut fertility center.

Taking the next step towards motherhood

Scheduling an appointment at our Connecticut fertility center is an important first step for women struggling to become pregnant and those wanting to preserve their fertility. During the initial appointment, Andrew Levi MD reviews the woman’s medical history and provides information about fertility evaluations. He also discusses how he works with patients to develop a customized and effective treatment plan that can help them fulfill the dream of parenthood.

Contact us for more information about when to see a fertility doctor.