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All About Egg Donors

Learn all about egg donors

Our Connecticut fertility center wants women to learn all about egg donors and egg donation. This exciting process can lead to financial independence and the ability to help hopeful parents build their family. One of our top priorities is to ensure egg donors have all the information they need as they embark on the life-changing journey of egg donation.

Who needs help from an egg donor?

Hopeful parents at our Connecticut fertility center often require the support of an egg donor. There are a variety of reasons they might need to rely on donor eggs on their path to parenthood.

We recommend turning to egg donation if a patient is in premature menopause or her ovarian reserve (egg supply) is too low to conceive with her own eggs, regardless of her age. Egg donation can also help patients of any age who have not found success with other fertility treatments due to significantly poor egg quality. Additionally, patients in their early to mid-40s are often good candidates for egg donation because egg quality diminishes with age.

Our egg donation program connects generous women with hopeful parents facing these fertility issues. This amazing gift can help them bypass these challenges and fulfill their dream of parenthood. To thank our donors for their time and commitment, we provide generous compensation.

Learn all about egg donors. Who makes a good donor?

The egg donation specialists at our Connecticut fertility center are always seeking healthy women between the ages of 21 and 29 who have a clean medical history and no genetic or hereditary illnesses. Before egg donation, women receive a complimentary and comprehensive health screening to confirm that they are healthy enough to be a donor.

Once we accept women into our donor program, we support them every step of the way to help ensure they have an amazing experience. Contact us to learn all about egg donors.