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Coping with the Holidays and Infertility

How to cope with the holidays and infertility

The team at our Connecticut fertility center understands what a difficult combination the holidays and infertility can be. During this time of year, you may face questions from loved ones about your fertility journey. Not to mention, you may encounter pregnant women and babies, which can be emotionally triggering. However, there are a variety of ways that you can prepare and protect yourself.

Tips for managing the holidays and infertility

While many people facing infertility think they just need to suffer through the holiday season, there are simple ways to support your emotional and mental health this time of year.

Be selective about social obligations. A prime way to protect yourself during the holidays is only saying yes to the social events you really want to attend. This can help ensure you’re only around people, and in situations, that uplift you.

Disengage from uncomfortable conversations. One of the most challenging aspects of the holidays and infertility is dealing with questions you’d rather not answer. If this happens, give yourself permission to gracefully exit. This can be as simple as excusing yourself to the bathroom. Just remember, you’re under no obligation to discuss your fertility journey.

Create your own traditions. When participating in traditions with big groups of loved ones feels too overwhelming, opt out in favor of engaging in your own traditions. This allows you to select the activities you want to do, and the people you want to be with.

The team at our Connecticut fertility center encourages you to make this time of year more manageable by honoring your needs as often as possible.

Don’t forget to make time for yourself

In addition to being selective about what you do and who you’re with this holiday season, it’s important to have plenty of quiet time. These mellow moments can be incredibly cathartic, and even enjoyable.

Let out your emotions. A tricky part of the holidays and infertility is feeling like you have to put on a happy face. Know you’re allowed to release the difficult emotions during private moments. Sometimes, a good cry can be one of the best ways to create room for a bit of merriment.

Do things that make you feel good. If your holidays are typically filled with activities you don’t really enjoy, scrap them for things that make you smile. For example, you can opt out of sending holiday cards and instead spend that time binging on funny movies with your partner or your best friend.

Change it up. It can be refreshing to shake up your daily life. Even if you can’t swing a weekend trip with COVID around, try something new to help you unwind and reset.

Everyone at our Connecticut fertility center is wishing you a holiday season filled with calm, joy and hope. Contact us for more information about how we can support your fertility journey.