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Dr. Levi

Dr. Levi Cares for Patients as People

It’s abundantly clear the moment you contact our Connecticut fertility center: We are different. We’ve all experienced frustration calling a doctor’s office and getting a prerecorded message directing you to a maze of phone extensions. Then you are left dangling, serenaded by elevator music to remind you that you’re on hold. Dr. Levi understands that when you call us, you need caring, compassionate, quick attention.

Your call could be urgent. You might have a question about fertility medication, or a time-sensitive query based on the fluctuations of your hormones. At Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, a live person is available to answer your call.

Once Dr. Andrew Levi welcomes you to his practice, you are not just another patient. You become “our patient,” and our team is invested in your pathway to parenthood.

Dr. Levi believes that your individual story matters

As the sole physician at our Connecticut fertility center, Dr. Andrew Levi understands that he is the touchpoint in his patients’ fertility journey. Here are just a few ways he customizes care.

  • He wants to know you. In an initial consultation with Dr. Levi, there is no physical exam. Instead, he takes the time to first listen to the story of every patient.
  • Patients are remembered. With only one physician, patients don’t see a carousel of doctors. They don’t have to repeat the details of their fertility journey, which can be emotionally taxing.
  • Hope is harbored here. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Andrew Levi has handled a myriad of fertility challenges. In him, our patients find a physician who is equal parts hopeful and pragmatic.
  • Sensitively caring for all patients. The stories our doctor hears are as varied as the types of patients we treat. Some women want to freeze their eggs to preserve their fertility, other patients are same-sex couples who are thrilled to find someone who supports their family-building dreams. Many are patients who have endured the difficult road of recurrent pregnancy loss, and others are dealing with causes of infertility that are unknown. To Dr. Andrew Levi, every story matters.
  • A doctor worth waiting for. Levi spends significant time with each potential parent or couple. Since he’s a single practitioner, don’t be discouraged if it takes time to get an initial consultation – four to six weeks isn’t unheard of. But stay patient. The right doctor is worth the wait.

Customized care delivered to you by Dr. Andrew Levi

Dr. Levi prides himself on customized treatment plans based on your unique situation. With every experience you share at our Connecticut fertility center, we recognize that you are entrusting us to become part of your personal story through our care and compassion for you. Our goal is to deliver a happy ending to your family-building dreams. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you.