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Family Planning with Fertility Treatments

Planning and preparing for a pregnancy, even when everything goes smoothly, is a big decision.

It goes without saying that making the choice to begin fertility treatments is a brave step in addressing infertility and working towards your fertility desires. Even in an unassisted pregnancy, future mothers or couples have to consider things like timing, finances, personal health, mental health, and work schedules, to name a few. Some patients experience success on the first round of treatments, while other patients may need multiple rounds of treatments and a change in protocol to achieve pregnancy. Knowing that every patient and every pregnancy has its own time line, family planning might seem impossible during ART, but the reality is, family planning can help alleviate stress and provide direction while you work with our Connecticut fertility centers to become pregnant in the new year.

Learn About Your Personal Fertility Needs
The first step in addressing infertility is learning about your personal fertility needs and limitations. Understanding your own fertility history, such as a PCOS diagnosis, low sperm count, damaged eggs, or endocrine disorders can help you and Dr. Levi craft a personal action plan that will optimize treatment options for the highest success levels. During your initial consultation, Dr. Levi will go over your history, concerns and goals before moving forward with any tests,

Discuss Fertility Treatment Options
Once you have learned more about your personal fertility needs and medical history, Dr. Levi will work with you to decide a plan of action. While some infertility issues can be resolved simply with medication for hormonal imbalance, other patients may experience success through in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg or sperm donation, or the choice to use a surrogate. Knowing your options can help you with a general idea of time and what to expect during the process.

Be Flexible on the Timeline
Finally, even while understanding your fertility needs and receiving treatment options specific to your experience, timelines (especially with infertility) are not guaranteed and you may be surprised at how quickly you achieve pregnancy or at an unexpected wait. Knowing that fertility can take its own course can help you stay positive if a pregnancy takes longer to achieve than hoped. Patients who are prepared and open about their “pregnancy timeline” often experience less stress during treatment.

Planning to begin (or add to) your family can be an exciting time! While you may have a lot of questions about what to expect during fertility treatments, our Trumbull, Fairfield, and Norwalk fertility centers are committed to helping you through your fertility journey. We offer one-on-one attention from Dr. Levi and personalized care for your specific fertility needs. Contact our office to learn more about family planning with fertility treatments in the new year or call us at 203-372-6700 to schedule an appointment.