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Park Avenue Fertility Center Ranked #2 in the Nation for Women Under 35

For women under 35 using fresh embryos, ranking is based on live birth rate per transfer for fresh embryos

TRUMBULL, CT October 1, 2018

Park Avenue Fertility ( is announcing today that Park Avenue Fertility earned the #2 ranking for best IVF centers in the United States for women under 35 using fresh embryos with these results:

  • Live Birth Rate / Transfer:  73.3
  • Average Embryos / Transfer:  1.2
  • Fresh Transfers For Women Under 35:  30
  • Banking Cycles For Women Under 35:  10%
  • Total Cycles in All Groups:  222

Rankings are based on live birth rate per transfer for Fresh Embryos with 20 or more transfers per segment as reported in the 2016 CDC Final IVF Success Rate Report. Banking Cycles represent the percentage of cycles for the selected age group where the embryo or oocyte was frozen without first attempting a fresh transfer.

Dr. Andrew J. Levi, MD, FACOG is the Founder and Medical Director of Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with three locations in Trumbull, Fairfield, and Norwalk, CT. Dr. Levi, is one of only 1,100 fertility doctors in the country who are board certified in both Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. With his one-patient-one-doctor approach, patients and their partners will work with a single fertility doctor throughout their entire treatment.

“We’re committed to providing patients with the best individualized infertility treatments, in vitro fertilization, and pregnancy consultations with the latest technology for the most effective treatments,” said Dr. Andrew Levi, Owner of Park Avenue Fertility. “I’m very proud of my entire team for their efforts in providing exceptional care for our patients,” said Dr. Levi.

“They held my hand through all the procedures and prepared me for everything that was to come. If anyone asks me about going to Park Avenue Fertility, I tell them to absolutely go,” said patient Vicki P. “The staff will know you as a person and not treat you like any other patient. Dr. Levi and the rest of the staff will make you so comfortable and be by your side through your entire treatment.”

For more information about fertility treatment in Connecticut, visit Park Avenue Fertility and Reproductive Medicine at

About Park Avenue Fertility and Dr. Andrew J. Levi, MD, FACOG

Dr. Levi is broadly trained in all aspects of reproductive medicine and enjoys providing all treatment approaches, from the simplest to the most advanced.  These include using the newest and most effective fertility regimens in conjunction with artificial or donor insemination, IVF, PGS, donor eggs, and surrogacy.