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Time is of the Essence

Said to be the most valuable commodity of our days, time is definitely one of the decisive factors when it comes to fertility treatments. Considering busy lifestyles, it is understandable that aspiring parents may be concerned with how much time they will have to invest in their fertility treatment and how soon they will see the results.

At Park Avenue Fertility, they are sensitive to time constraints of our patients. Dr. Andrew Levi and his dedicated staff are motivated to helping you achieve fastest results possible, by streamlining the whole process of treatment, as well as reducing the number of appointments and the amount of time you will spend in their office. While working with intended parents, they take in consideration all their specific needs. Together with you, Dr. Levi will develop a proactive and personalized fertility management strategy that will help you reach your goal as soon as it is humanly possible. He then will follow up with you personally to discuss and address any arising questions and concerns without delay.

Additionally, in an effort to accommodate their patients’ busy calendars and reduce their stress levels, they have made the following commitments:

  • To shorten your commute, Dr. Levi has opened two offices; one in Fairfield and one in Trumbull, both conveniently located near major highways
  • To eliminate lines, all consultations and ultrasound appointments will be scheduled in advance
  • Their flexible office hours will make it easier for you to fit your appointments into your busy schedule
  • The friendly staff and calming atmosphere of their offices are conducive to relaxation and will help you unwind

Here is what one of Dr. Levi’s patients says about her experience: “Dr. Levi was the second fertility specialist that we saw. I didn’t have high hopes after the first one, given the cod bedside manner and the length of time it took to get a return call. Dr. Levi exceeded all of our expectations and now I use him as the measuring stick for I compare all other doctors. Dr. Levi spoke to us like people and took the time to give us our options. He worked on our timeline and his office hours are very conducive to a couple working full time. Dr. Levi followed up with me frequently, even when a call from his staff would be acceptable. We are now expecting twins and couldn’t be happier with our experience with Dr. Levi. I highly recommend him!!”

At Park Avenue Fertility Clinic they take patients’ needs seriously. Dr. Levi and his staff are fully committed to helping prospect parents reach their dream with minimal effort. Their clinic offers a full spectrum of treatments from In Vitro Fertilization to Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, to male infertility solutions. Call their office today at 203-254-6000 or visit the website to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Levi and see what difference a dedicated and knowledgeable doctor can make in your life!