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Utilizing Support Groups During Fertility Treatments

It’s not uncommon that many patients who are experiencing infertility feel alone in their journey to get pregnant. However, for many couples support groups offer a chance to receive answers to questions, manage stresses, and share the emotions you may feel while undergoing treatment. At Park Avenue Fertility, we believe that the emotions you may feel do not have to detract from the experience of treating infertility and the hope you can feel for a success. Support groups can be national group like, a strong group of friends, or an online forum. A good support group can help you:

Validate Emotions
During a support group you’ll have the chance to meet with others who are experiencing similar emotions and events as you are. Having others who can validate feelings you may be having while going through IVF treatments can help you remain positive through your fertility treatments.

Manage Stress
Having a strong support group can be critical for managing stress. At meetings you will be able to express frustrations, share a laugh, hear success stories, and learn stress management techniques from others who share similar experiences.

Learn Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
Chances are, other members of your support group have gained insight on managing stress and have discovered their own ways to alleviate stressors. During a meeting you’ll have an opportunity to learn from others as well as offer your own suggestions.

Dispel Myths
Patients who are learning about assisted reproduction will discover that there are a lot of myths and ideas attached to fertility. During a support group, a knowledgeable leader should be able to help resolve any questions you have or any “lore” you might have been told about infertility.

Community Support
Sequoias, which are some of the largest trees on earth, rely on the roots of other sequoias to stand. By weaving their roots with other sequoia roots, these trees can grow well over 200 feet tall. Relying on others in a support group can help you manage emotions and stress you may feel. Knowing others understand what you are feeling can be a help during both triumphs and struggles. This can be a relief for those who may feel alone during their fertility treatments.

At Park Avenue Fertility, we are focused on providing a positive and nurturing fertility practice for our patients. To learn more about fertility treatments, arrange a consultation with Dr. Levi by calling our Fairfield, CT reproductive medicine office at 203-254-6000 or our Trumbull, CT office at 203-372-6700.