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Fertility Injection Tips

Learn the fertility injection tips that can help you on your path to parenthood

It’s common to have concerns about giving yourself fertility injections, but this part of treatment is often easier than you would expect. The team at our Connecticut fertility center has several fertility injection tips that can simplify the process. If you’re nervous about giving yourself injections, turn to these strategies to make the experience easier and more comfortable.

Helpful fertility injection tips

Some fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), will require you to self-administer injectable medications. The staff at our Connecticut fertility center will provide comprehensive instructions for this process and tips to make it a little easier.

Administer the injections at the correct time. Because you need to inject most fertility medications during a certain time, it’s best to set an alarm to ensure you don’t miss the window.

Utilize a private space. One of our best fertility injection tips is being in a private space where you won’t feel distracted or rushed as you administer the fertility medications.

Wash your hands and organize your materials. It’s important to prepare and administer the injections in a sanitary space. You can do this by wiping down the area where you’ll organize your materials and washing your hands before touching those materials.

Numb the injection site with ice. Although the injections often just feel like a mild pinch, you can reduce any discomfort by holding a piece of ice on the injection site for about a minute before administering the shot.

Relax your abdomen. You can make it easier to gather skin on your lower abdomen, which is the typical injection site for fertility medications. Simply relax your abdomen as much as possible. You can also support this process by taking slow, deep breaths.

We can help you fulfill your dream of parenthood

In addition to offering fertility injection tips, the team at our Connecticut fertility center can help you discover better ways to navigate each step of your treatment. This support can make it that much easier to bring home a healthy baby. Contact us for information about our fertility services.