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Predicting and Improving Your Ovulation Cycle

Ovulation is a key factor in fertility; knowing if you’re ovulating, when you’re ovulating, and if your eggs are healthy are all aspects that can help improve overall fertility and your chance of experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Timing ovulation is different for every women and factors like irregular periods, stress, illness, and medication can all disrupt normal ovulation. Even with circumstances that effect your cycle, there are methods to help you predict ovulation. Park Avenue Fertility offers these tips for tracking ovulation.

Track Your Cycles- Keeping a record of previous menstrual cycles can help you determine your normal ovulation date. For most women ovulation occurs about 14 days after your last period began.

Test Your Ovarian Reserve-
Knowing if you have a larger reserve of eggs is especially beneficial if you are pursuing fertility treatments like IVF. At Park Avenue Fertility we offer free anti-mullerian testing to help patients determine the quantity of eggs available to them. After a simple blood test, Dr. Levi will personally contact you to discuss your results.

Monitor Your Basic Body Temperatures- During ovulation, your body temperature may increase slightly. Many women take their temperature first thing in the morning when their body has been resting all evening and is the coolest. Keep a record of your daily temperature and you may notice an increase around the time of your ovulation. Typically you are most fertile two or three days before your temperature rises.

Observe Changes in Cervical Mucus-
Clear, slick mucus can occasionally be noticed before ovulation. This is another indication that ovulation is approaching and can help you plan for fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Follow a Healthy Diet- Receiving enough nutrients can help keep hormones level (which facilitates regular ovulation) as well as prepare your uterus to support a pregnancy.

Keep Your Weight at a Healthy Level- Studies have shown that increased body fat can potentially interfere with normal hormone levels in the body. Unbalanced hormones can disrupt ovulation and even delay your menstrual cycle.

At Park Avenue Fertility, we work with our patients to educate about fertility and to achieve a successful pregnancy. Understanding your ovulation can help during treatments at our Connecticut fertility center. To learn more about other treatment options such as surrogacy, using egg or semen donation, or frozen embryo transfer, contact our office at 203-254-6000 or email us at to set up an appointment.