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Who Donates Eggs?

We explain who donates eggs and highlight the many benefits for egg donors

Our Connecticut fertility clinic helps women understand who donates eggs and the reasons women donate eggs. Through egg donation, healthy young women receive valuable insights into their reproductive and genetic health. They also earn significant compensation. Additionally, these women make a difference in the lives of patients who cannot conceive without donor eggs.

Who donates eggs depends on various factors

Women interested in egg donation must meet specific qualifications. These qualifications help ensure the woman has an abundance of healthy eggs and will respond well to egg donation medications. The qualifications also confirm the woman does not have inheritable genetic conditions that could affect the health of children resulting from her eggs.

  • Between the age of 21 and 29
  • Normal BMI
  • Healthy personal and family medical history
  • No inheritable genetic conditions
  • Commitment and reliability
  • Healthy lifestyle

If a prospective donor meets this criterion, she can complete a simple application. If we accept her application, our egg donor coordinator contacts the woman to discuss the next steps. Our goal is to find egg donors who are a good fit for the preferences of our intended parents. It’s important to note that all of our egg donors are anonymous, which means parents will not know their identity.

The staff at our Connecticut fertility clinic is by the donor’s side during each step of this process. We are also available to answer additional questions about who donates eggs.

Discover many of the reasons women donate eggs

The choice to become an egg donor can change a woman’s life in many ways. Through this process, women undergo free evaluations and receive generous compensation for their efforts.

In-depth health evaluation. One of the reasons women donate eggs is the health screenings that confirm the donor’s reproductive health.

Learn more about ovarian reserve. The bloodwork and ultrasound allow the doctor to determine the donor’s ovarian reserve, which is the quality and quantity of her eggs.

Genetic testing. One of the other reasons women donate eggs is the comprehensive genetic test that reveals if the woman carries any inheritable genetic conditions.

Supporting those in need. Donors have the opportunity to help hopeful parents fulfill the dream of parenthood. This provides donors with a sense of fulfillment.

Compensation. Egg donors receive generous compensation for their time and commitment. This money can help women pay off student loans, buy a home or travel.

The advantages of egg donation at our Connecticut fertility clinic are available to all women who meet our egg donor requirements. We recommend those interested in this process complete the application to take the next step toward becoming an egg donor. Contact us for more information about who donates eggs and the reasons women donate eggs.