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Knowledge Is Power During PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS Awareness Month is a great time to learn facts about this common condition

Our Connecticut fertility clinic views PCOS Awareness Month as an opportunity to help women learn more about this issue. PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is a metabolic disorder resulting from an imbalance of reproductive hormones. This condition affects millions of women and can cause a range of symptoms, including weight gain, irregular periods, acne and infertility.

Learn helpful facts about PCOS during PCOS Awareness Month

Discovering facts about PCOS is important because this knowledge helps women know when to seek treatment. The right care can help a woman reduce her symptoms and move past infertility.

PCOS can alter a woman’s appearance. Polycystic ovary syndrome can cause acne, weight gain and the growth of facial or body hair.

This condition can affect the reproductive system. Common symptoms of PCOS related to reproduction include irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty conceiving and ovarian cysts.

Risky health issues can result from PCOS. Women with PCOS have higher levels of androgens. They may also have higher insulin, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Other conditions are related to PCOS. Researchers have found connections between polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression and uterine cancer.

Weight loss can help PCOS. Losing just 5% of her body weight can help a woman significantly reduce PCOS symptoms.

Birth control is a common treatment for PCOS. Women with PCOS who are not trying to conceive can use birth control pills. These pills can help regulate a woman’s cycle and regulate her hormones.

Certain evaluations can result in a PCOS diagnosis. Tests such as a pelvic exam, bloodwork and an ultrasound can help Dr. Andrew Levi at our clinic determine if a woman has PCOS.

The team at our Connecticut fertility clinic recommends women with irregular periods and other fertility issues use PCOS Awareness Month as inspiration to contact our clinic for support.

How our fertility center helps women with PCOS become pregnant

In addition to learning facts about PCOS, PCOS Awareness Month is a good time to discover how our Connecticut fertility clinic helps women with this condition become pregnant. Dr. Levi offers several fertility treatments for PCOS.

Ovulation induction medication. Prescribing oral ovulation induction medications like Clomid or Femara (letrozole) is a common PCOS treatment. These medications help a woman ovulate (release an egg).

In vitro fertilization. Some women with PCOS require in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF involves the woman taking ovulation induction medications before undergoing an egg retrieval procedure. An embryologist then fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the woman’s partner or chosen sperm donor. Next, the doctor transfers one of the resulting embryos into the woman’s uterus.

September is a great month for those who suspect they have fertility issues to schedule a consultation at our clinic and learn more facts about PCOS. These simple steps can lead to the amazing experience of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us to learn more.