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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) can be an effective treatment for infertility. It is most commonly used for infertility associated with anovulatory infertility (ovulation disorders), endometriosis, very mild degrees of male factor infertility, cervical infertility, and unexplained infertility.  It is not recommended in cases of severe tubal damage or blockage, poor egg quantity and quality (diminished ovarian reserve), or severe male factor infertility.  Surgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), or IVF with donor eggs may be alternatives for couples who are not candidates for IUI.

It is a reasonable initial treatment that should be utilized for a maximum of about 3-4 cycles in women who ovulate. It may be reasonable to consider IUI for longer periods among women who do not regularly ovulate
If the sperm count, motility, or morphology (how the sperm look under the microscope) is/are abnormal, IUI is less likely to be successful. In that situation, IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be indicated.

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