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Natural Cycle IVF

Learn about affordable options to conceive with natural cycle IVF

More than 5 million babies have been born since in vitro fertilization (IVF) assisted in the birth of Louise Joy Brown in 1978. As success rates continue to increase every year, so does the number of women across the globe who visit fertility centers for help achieving a successful pregnancy.

IVF has increasingly become an amazing life-giving option for patients who desire to carry a child. However, some patients who are seeking assistance are not able to undergo conventional IVF because of intolerance to medications required for IVF, while other patients may have personal or religious concerns about multiple fertilized embryos. Park Avenue Fertility has recently included an additional IVF treatment at our Connecticut fertility clinic that addresses those concerns – natural cycle in vitro fertilization.

Natural cycle in vitro fertilization (NC-IVF) is not a new concept.

In fact, the first successful IVF birth in 1978 was from NC-IVF. Unlike conventional IVF which includes ovulation stimulating medications to help a patient produce more eggs for a treatment cycle, NC-IVF follows the course of a patient’s “natural” menstrual cycle. During NC-IVF, Dr. Andrew Levi will retrieve a single egg during the patient’s ovulation and then will transfer it back to the patient after it has been fertilized. Because a single egg is used during a treatment, some patients may become pregnant after a single cycle of NC-IVF, while other patients may require a few cycles before achieving a successful pregnancy.

Benefits of natural cycle IVF

Natural cycle in vitro fertilization may appeal to patients for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons patients select NC-IVF in Connecticut include:

  • To reduce fertility treatment costs
  • When male-factor infertility is the only cause of conception difficulties
  • Sensitivity to conventional fertility medications
  • Prefer to avoid using stimulatory medications
  • No response to medications (when a patient releases a single egg while taking medication)
  • Patients are older and conventional IVF is not optional or successful
  • To reduce stress associated with conventional stimulated IVF
  • To prevent the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

Park Avenue Fertility is proudly offering NC-IVF in our Fairfield, Norwalk, and Trumbull Connecticut centers. In addition to our successful IVF treatments in a personal one-doctor-one-patient setting, we also offer additional services that can improve fertility treatment results. Learn about the benefits of assisted zona hatching (AZH), blastocyst culture and transfer, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and complete chromosome analysis before IVF. Contact our offices at 855-901-BABY  to set up a consultation with Dr. Andrew Levi.