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Selecting a Donor

Learn about the process of selecting a donor

One of the biggest concerns that people have when they consider using an egg donor to conceive is the health of the donor. The truth is, if there are any health concerns at all, the potential donor is excluded from the pool and we do not use their eggs.

Recruited anonymous donors are young females with healthy medical and family histories that reside in Connecticut and the bordering states. These donors undergo vigorous screening which includes psychological screening, infectious disease screening, genetics screening, and thorough drug screening. After reviewing all of these results, we are able to make an informed decision about the safety of the eggs and determine their eligibility for donation.

Just as the donors go through screening to make sure that they are fit to donate their eggs, couples are able to screen donated eggs to find what works best for them. In many cases, couples are looking for an egg that has a similar background to the mother culturally and ethnically.

Couples are able to prioritize their preferences, such as “dark haired, green eyes, and over 5.5 feet tall.” We will then begin to search our donor database and find the best match possible. Though more specific requests may take more time to perfectly match, Park Avenue Fertility and our couples know this is well worth the wait.